Sep 12, 2013
Theis Fischer

Avicii ‘True’

imageIt all started at Ultra Music Festival 2013, when Avicii started playing the second part of his set. The crowd of ravers in Miami was expecting big room drops, and typical EDM mainstream tracks, but what Avicii came up with was a bit different. To the ravers disappointment, Tim Berg took a live band on stage, and started playing a sort of Country inspired house music. After the show, the internet was full of furious fans, what had Avicii been thinking? But the Swede really wanted to make a statement that day in Miami, he wanted to introduce the world to something new, then the ordinary progressive tracks. Some weeks later Avicii uploaded a “Promo Mix” on to his Soundcloud page, full of tracks from “True”, now people suddenly loved it. His change in style has made this album one of the most anticipated releases of 2013. The first track of the album “Wake me up” went number 1 in 63 countries, and after hearing the tracks on “True” many more will soon top the charts. Because “True” is a game changer in dance music, something fresh and new in monotonous universe of sounds. Tim Bergling deserves so much respect and acknowledgement on behalf of this inventive album! Even though its first released on the 16th of September, the full album is available for streaming below!

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Avicii – Dear Boy (ft. Karen Marie Ørsted)

Avicii – Addicted To You (ft. Mac Davis & Audra Mae)

Avicii – Edom

Avicii – Heart Upon My Sleeve (ft. Dan Reynolds)

Avicii – Hey Brother (ft. Dan Tyminsk)

Avicii – Hope There's Someone (ft. Linnea Henriksson)

Avicii – Lay Me Down (ft. Adam Lambert & Nile Rodgers)

Avicii – Liar Liar (ft. Blondfire)

Avicii – Long Road To Hell (ft. Audra Mae)

Avicii – Shame On Me (ft. Nile Rodgers)

Bonus tracks

Avicii – All You Need Is Love

Avicii – Canyons

Avicii – Always On The Run

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