Jul 16, 2014
Theis Fischer

Steve Angello feat. Doughy from The Temper Tramp “Wasted Love”

steve wasred red

Steve Angello have throughout the last couple of months been playing a lot of new material from his upcoming album “Wild Youth”. The album is one of the the most awaited releases this year. For many months a track called “Children Of The Wild” has been around the world wide web, but the lead single from the album is called “Wasted Love”. The record is full of uplifting electronica and works perfectly with Doughy’s soulful vocals. “Wasted Love” takes the anticipation for his upcoming album even higher!

Steve Angello ft. Doughy – Wasted Love

Steve Angello ft. Mako – Children Of The Wild

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Jun 9, 2014
Emil Bucholtz

Interview with Martin Garrix


Last week Fistpumpfridays had the pleasure of meeting up with the 18 year old wonder kid, Martin Garrix, when he visited Denmark for the first time ever. Here’s what he had to say.

How is a typical day in the life of Martin Garrix?

“On a normal day I’m in the studio, traveling the world playing shows or chilling with friends. That has been my schedule for the last two years. There’s not really normal days, because everything is crazy right now, but that’s my life.”

How is the work process in the studio?

“I don’t always have successful days in the studio. Sometimes I’m just stuck with a track that I really want to finish. It’s frustrating wanting to get it done but not having the inspiration to do it. I can be stuck on a specific part of a track for days, and sometimes I’m sitting around looking at a blank project in FL Studio, when I don’t have the inspiration to get ideas for a new track. I don’t have that much time in the studio, so it can be kind of stressful, when I don’t take advantage of the time I have. Right now I got a good balance between touring, making music and chilling with friends and family, as they are important to me too.”

What can we expect from your upcoming tracks?

“Right now I got like 8 upcoming tracks. I have new solo stuff, big tracks with Ed Sheeran, Afrojack, Dubvision, Tiësto, David Guetta and some that I can’t mention. So there’s gonna be a shitload of new music coming out soon! I can’t say anything about the rumors of a track with Hardwell, so people will just have to wait and see!”

How do you prepare for your gigs?

“I’m super boring before my shows. When I’m on stage I jump around, I shout in the mic and stuff. But before the shows I just chill out with friends, I do interviews and I get myself a drink or two. I bring my friends, family and girlfriend to a lot of shows, but it’s not really anything special. It’s like silence before the storm.”

Do you feel like people in the music industry treat you differently because of your age?

“Yeah, I feel that sometimes. But in the end it’s all about the music. A good track is a good track, so it doesn’t matter if the person who made it is 40 or 14! The fact that it’s made by a younger person shouldn’t affect what people think of the track. People from the legend generation, like Tiësto, think that it’s cool with all these young kids coming up, and they support our music. In the end it’s the music, which speaks.”

What is the biggest moment of your career so far?

“I can’t even choose anymore. I played Coachella and Ultra. Last year I was in the crowd and this year I played the mainstage, so that was like a holy fuck moment for me!

Number one in the UK with “Animals” was also a huge moment for me. I’m super tired of the track, because I’ve heard it like a million times now. But I’m super happy with the way it everything worked out and how big the track has gotten. Without the track I wouldn’t be at this stage of my career, so I’m really grateful with the result of it.

Those three are definitely some of the biggest moments so far. I like all the shows that I play, but I got a few favorite ones.”

What are your goals for your career?

“I want to play a sold out show at the Madison Square Garden in New York, like Swedish House Mafia and Avicii did. I also want to do an album, like Calvin Harris did with a lot of tracks on it, and in fact I am working on it right now. The tracks so far are very experimental, and I’ve also been working a lot with vocalists lately.”

After the interview Martin played me a lot of upcoming stuff from him, both singles and tracks from his upcoming album. After the preview of his music I think it is safe to say, that Martin Garrix is going to be around the music scene for a while, and he will only get bigger from where he is at right now. He is truly a nice guy, and despite his success he still makes time for his friends and family. Garrix declined playing weekend one at Tomorrowland, so he could spend time with his family.

He went on to play for over two hours at Skive Festival including an hour back to back with the Danish star, Mike Hawkins, and they didn’t stop until the event promoters turned down the sound.

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Listen to Martin Garrix’ set from EDC New York here:

Martin Garrix Live at EDC New York

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May 24, 2014
Theis Fischer

Third Party ‘Everyday of My Life’

artworks-000079169440-72col5-t500x500 red

Third Party is back after a couple of quiet years. They have given us track like “Release“, “Thank You” and “Feel“, now they are back with “Everyday of My Life” which is out on Monday on the Size imprint. The track has everything Third Party i known for and unites house from “The good old days” and the energetic feeling that works very well at festivals and big venues.

Third Party – Everyday of My Life

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May 22, 2014
Theis Fischer

Otto Knows ‘Parachute’

Otto_playing_live_at_Ushuaia_Ibiza red

Otto Knows, a man who came out of nowhere and suddenly was worldwide star because of his epic track “Million Voices”. Since then he has only done some amazing remixes, you can say he has been putting quality over quantity. Now he is back with a original track called “Parachute” on Refune Records, a label that also has been quiet for a long time. This new track is more electro – based than his other productions, and features very powerful vocals, which fits the track very well. It could be a summer anthem, but who knows? Otto Jettman does.

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Otto Knows – Parachute

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May 16, 2014
Theis Fischer

Sander Van Doorn, Martin Garrix, DVBBS ‘Gold Skies’


Three of the biggest names at the momentet, joins forces for at huge summer anthem called “Gold Skies” with Alessia on vocals. “Gold Skies” was premiered when Garrix closed his set at Ultra in Miami with this amazing collaboration. Even though the track really sounds like a Sander Van Doorn production, Garrix recently said in an interview that the DVBBS brothers started with the first idea for the track. A collab between these artists will surely create a lot of buzz in the next couple of weeks before the official release the 2nd of June.

Sander Van Doorn, Martin Garrix, DVBBS – Gold Skies

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May 13, 2014
Theis Fischer

Disclosure ‘Latch (Oliver Heldens Remix)’



Oliver Heldens has released a remix of Disclosure’s “Latch” as a huge thank you to his now 100K Facebook supporters. Heldens is showing off that eccentric bass, techno infusion that recently perked many ears in “Gecko”. Gecko is by the way also coming in a vocal version featuring Becky Hill called “Overdrive” coming out the 23rd of June. Listen and grab the “Latch” remix below!

Disclosure – Latch (Oliver Heldens Remix)

Oliver Heldens X Becky Hill – Gecko (Overdrive)

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May 13, 2014
Theis Fischer

Cazzette ‘Sleepless’

cazzette red

The Swedish producer and DJ duo, Cazzette, who’s known for making gritty electro bangers, like “Run for Cover” and “Beam Me Up”, has now taken a complete new direction with their latest single called “Sleepless”. The track is an infectious house tune that has the producers stepping in a new side of the electronic spectrum, packing the track full of soul and deep house. You can only appreciate and respect the duo for trying something completely different, which such an amount of succes! The track is out through Ash Pournouri’s label PRMD.

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Cazzette – Sleepless

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May 13, 2014
Theis Fischer

Porter Robinson ‘Sad Machine’

Sad-Machine-copy RED

Following the release of “Sea of Voices”, Porter Robinson now comes with his second single from his upcoming album “Worlds”. Robinson has already claimed that the album, won’t be club minded, and it is easy to hear that the new single “Sad Machine” is much more radio friendly than his previous tracks. Porter himself has done both sets of vocals, using a production software known as Vocaloid. Porter stated that the song is supposed to paint a portrait of a human boy and a robot girl encountering one another. I think his work is absolutely amazing, and i can’t wait for “Worlds” to be released!

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Porter Robinson – Sad Machine

Porter Robinson – Sea Of Voices (RAC Remix)

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May 7, 2014
Emil Bucholtz

Dyro ‘Sounds Like’


Revealed Recordings regular, Dyro, releases his new track ‘Sounds Like’. The track was premiered by Hardwell at Ultra in March, and he didn’t keep us waiting for this track for too long. When you listen to ‘Sounds Like’ you’re not doubting that Dyro made this track, but the dutch producer renews his style with the EDM answer to a guitar solo which destroyed Ultra and will keep on destroying festivals in the future. So far the track has been supported by names such as W&W, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Deniz Koyu

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Dyro – Sounds Like

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May 7, 2014
Emil Bucholtz

Pelari ‘Mori’


The Swedish duo Pelari debuts on Megaton Records with their new track ‘Mori’. After breaking through with releases on Musical Freedom and Protocol Recordings in 2013 the duo has been quiet for a couple of months, but ‘Mori’ shows us, that it was worth waiting for their next track. The track features a catchy melodic buildup leading to a drop sounding like a mix of Pelari and Jacob Plant. This track will definitely make people dance worldwide in the coming months. Don’t forget to check out some of the other recent releases on Megaton Records by Charlie Darker and Kavido while you are here.

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Pelari – Mori

Charlie Darker – Watch Me Demonstrate

Kavido – Bundaye

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